What is Under The Umbrella all about ?


You love to browse cool shops and look at neat stuff.

We love stocking our store with neat and quirky things and we love new ideas, style or taste. We don't limit ourselves to what's trendy.


You admire and appreciate handmade and actively support your local micro-economy.

We're creative and we love handmade. Buying from craftspeople is a conscious decision. When you purchase from artisans, makers or designers, you know it means quality and that it's made with a whole lot of love.


You love your community and understand how important it is to belong to one.

We don't just have staff, we have contributors, partners and members. We all work together as a team to support each other and to inspire each other.


You like to feel welcomed at a shop without feeling pressured.

We want you to feel welcome, to come in and browse. Look around, take your time, ask questions, and get to know us. We love sharing our passion with you.


You're attracted to pretty things.

We also like pretty things. Who doesn't? We've worked really hard to create a beautiful space which serves as a backdrop for wonderful items we've so carefully selected to be in our shop.

We believe in community and supporting local artisans and makers. Our aim is to create a beautiful space for local makers and artisans to shine and showcase their talents and build their businesses.